Kommande Evenemang:


-Stockholm , October 4-8 2019, March 27-31 2020, Advanced Essential Skills (ES2) 
Questions and practical information: contact Anna Christina Sundgren: animare@animare.nu

-London, 16 November 2019: ”Introduction to AEDP Poetry in Motion: Dyadic Regulation Of Emotion and Transformation of Self”, Angela Massucco & Heather Gretton

-Paris, 23-25 January 2020. :”Transform Trauma and Toxic Shame through “Fierce Love”:
Using the AEDP Therapist’s Bold, Embodied Presence”. Sue Anne Piliero
En Français

-Tel Aviv, Advanced Essential Skills (ES2) March/Nov 2019

Stockholm Core Training Feb 2020- Jan 2021 in Swedish! With Anna Christina Sundgren and Annika Medbo   (info in Swedish)


Tidigare Evenemang:

-Lisbon, 13 October: ”Working with pathogenic shame ”, Netta Ofer & Einat Shaked.

-São Miguel, Azores: 5/6 October 2019 ”Working creatively with Portrayals” Neta Ofer & Hans Welling

-Barcelona: 4/5 October 2019 ”Undoing Aloneness” Two day AEDP- workshop by Diana Fosha

-London December 2018 & April 2019 Essential Skills (ES1) Retreat-Style Course

– Lisbon October 20th, Anna Christina Sundgren: ”I felt a closeness that I never had…” One day AEDP- workshop on Relational interventions

-Paris: 14/15 december 2018 two days introduction by SueAnne  Pilliero-

Lisbon 9th June : AEDP an overview from the ground up
Richard Harrison

London: June 23-26, 2018 4-day Immersion Course by Diana Fosha

-Lisbon: April 21/22 Working Creatively with Portrayals Netta Ofer & Hans Welling

-ES1 Retreat Course in Europe • Parma, Italy
September 26 – October 1, 2017 & April 2 – 7, 2018
Jerry Lamagna, LCSW and Kari Gleiser, PhDv

London, UK | June 24, 2017
Undoing Aloneness: Introduction to AEDP
Angela Massucco, Fumie Kamitoh

-Lisbon, Portugal | June 24 & 25, 2017
Moment by Moment Tracking and Clinical Choice Points in AEDP
Karen Kranz

-Israel Essential Skills| March & September 2017

Stockholm Sweden | May 18, 2017
Walking the Talk: Specific Strategies to Foster Resilience, Cultivate Empathy, and Expand Relational Capacities through AEDP by  Benjamin Lipton

Eileen Russell Workshop Stockholm 19 Jan 2017

AEDP Core Training in Sweden 2016-2017

Sue Anne Piliero Workshop Stockholm 1 Sept 2016

European AEDP Essential Skills 2016-2017

Dale Trimble working with men in Lisbon  1-2 oct 2016

European Immersion: Rome,  April 14th – April 17th 2016
AEDP for Couples Israel Oct 2015
European Immersion: Stockholm, September 7th – 11th, 2015
AEDP Stockholm Oct 2014
Symposium Israel June 2014
Video Discussion Lisbon 2014
Two-Day Workshop, Paris June 2013