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(English) Being present as a person

A patient told me: “Yes we did all this work on my mother, my brother and my father and that was very important, but what really made the difference is that you were here with me as a person. That … Continue lendo

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(English) The forgotten dimension of attachment

When I first got in contact with Diana Fosha and with people who where working with AEDP I found their language a bit exaggerated. Too nice or too warm may be (It is so good to see you!), but it … Continue lendo

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(English) Relational Metaprocessing

Metatherapeutic processing is an unique contribution of AEDP and consists of processing the change that occurred in a piece of therapeutic work. It is looking at the before and after the changes that have occurred in the view of self … Continue lendo

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(English) Self at Worst, Self at Best

In dynamic psychotherapy and several holistic traditions there is an implicit idea that we walk around with all kinds of childhood trauma and defenses that continuously limit our functioning. That somewhere underneath there is always the presence of our fear … Continue lendo

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